Unlimited, Automated Cloud Backup

Why You Should Be Protected

Hardware Failure

Computers age and hard drives fail. With DataForce you don’t need to fear that your data will be lost when hardware breaks.

hardware failure


Your computer is replaceable, your data isn’t. Protect it with automatic, continuous backup.


Hackers have been encrypting files and demanding ransoms with this new kind of malware. Use DataForce so you’ll never have to pay ransom again!

Natural Disaters

Natural Disasters

With DataForce, never worry again about power surge, fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods. Your data is always safe!

CrashPlan Security

“The most important, valuable add-on service that you can buy for yourself”

Data Security and Encryption

A multi-layered security model that includes transmission, account (access), password, encryption and secure messaging.

Data Security
Password Protection

Password Protection

CrashPlan will prompt you for a password every time the application is launched to prevent unauthorized access to your archived data and backup settings.

Backup Encryption

Backup data is encrypted with AES-256 encryption. Backup transmission is then scrambled using 128-bit encryption.

Backup Encryption
Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage

Your backup is stored in one of our state-of-the-art data storage facility located throughout the US and round the world.


“It has saved us on several occasions. It really is the most foolproof protection against Ransomware that I’ve seen.”

Paul D., Auto Parts Dealer


“Worth every penny! Data loss from a failed hard drive or virus is unheard of using DataForce’s CrashPlan PROe solution.”

Kirk L., BR Specialist


“Definitely the most reliable and simple to use Cloud solution we have ever seen. And we have tried them all!”

Mark Z., Online Accounts Team


“We operate a large printing company and we handle large amounts of data files for our customers. If not for DataForce restoring all our files after a hard drive failure we would most probably not be in business today!”

Justin H., Business Owner

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